Whirlpools Rotation #20: January 12th — January 26th

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SOL Sails Again.

🌊 Whirlpools Rotation #20 🌀

  • Duration: Thursday January 12, 2023 — Thursday January 26, 2023
  • Total Rewards: Total rewards of ~6K ORCA for this rotation across all pools, plus additional project rewards on select pools. All Whirlpools are now open and rewards will begin on January 12th at ~24:00 UTC.
  • After an eventful few weeks of high volatility and a wave of new meme tokens washing ashore, the Solana DeFi ecosystem has been reinvigorated. Orca’s capital efficiency was on full display, leading the way in trading volume on Solana and once again ranking among the leaders in volume across all blockchains.
  • Solana’s network improvements were also impossible to miss. While being slammed with transactions the network didn’t miss a beat. Congratulations to the developer and validator communities that worked to make it possible!
  • Orca will soon be deprecating its standard pools and moving to support only concentrated liquidity going forward. Stay tuned for more updates on how this transition will work and ways you can migrate any liquidity from standard pools to whirlpools!

Whirlpools with New Rewards… 🌀

Whirlpools offer market-savvy LPs the opportunity to compete for higher yields

bSOL-SOL (0.01% fee tier) from BlazeStake

  • ORCA rewards: ~125 ORCA per week

BONK-bSOL (0.3% fee tier) from BlazeStake

  • BONK rewards: ~50 million BONK per week

MNDE-mSOL (1.0% fee tier) from Marinade

  • Rewards will begin Jan 13th pending results from Marinade’s governance forum
  • MNDE holders can vote for Orca pools to increase the amount of rewards
  • MNDE rewards: ~12k MNDE per week for the Whirlpool

New Whirlpools… 🌀

Pools making their first appearance on Orca

ALEPH-USDC (0.3% fee tier) from Aleph.im

NEAR-USDC (0.3% fee tier) from NEAR and Allbridge

sRLY-SOL (0.3% fee tier) from Rally Network

Migration note for LPs Orca’s standard pools: rewards on Double-Dip pools will wind down over the next two rotations and be migrated to their Whirlpool counterparts. Keep on the lookout for a migration guide!

  • stSOL/SOL, stSOL/USDC, and stSOL/USDT from Lido will conclude rewards on standard pools with the next rotation starting January 26th
  • MNDE-mSOL from Marinade will conclude rewards on standard pools with the next rotation starting January 26th. 50% of MNDE rewards will transition to Whirlpools on January 13th
  • sRLY-SOL from Rally Network will conclude rewards on standard pools on January 17th

New reward incentives for pools migrating to Whirlpools from standard pools: to help encourage LPs in standard pools to move liquidity to the corresponding Whirlpools instead, Orca is launching a rewards campaign on the following pools:

stSOL-USDC (0.30% fee tier) from Lido

  • ORCA rewards: 250 ORCA per week
  • wLDO rewards: 375 wLDO per week

ATLAS-USDC (0.30% fee tier) from Star Atlas

  • ORCA rewards: 250 ORCA per week

POLIS-USDC (0.30% fee tier) from Star Atlas

  • ORCA rewards: 250 ORCA per week

SHDW-USDC (0.30% fee tier) from GenesysGo

  • ORCA rewards: 250 ORCA per week

SAMO-USDC (0.30% fee tier) from Samo

  • ORCA rewards: 250 ORCA per week

AURY-USDC (0.30% fee tier) from Aurory

  • ORCA rewards: 250 ORCA per week

🌊 Deepsea Insights 🌏

The new year has seen the Solana community bounce back from the doom and gloom of late 2022 and take the lead in driving the network forward.

One great example of this is the community-led Sandstorm hackathon organized by LamportDAO. This community effort has received broad support with many great projects sponsoring tracks spanning across the entire ecosystem. With total prizes worth over $215,000, it’s something any aspiring Solana developer will not want to miss. Orca is proud to be a sponsor and will be awarding a total of $1,500 for open-source projects that use the Orca SDK to facilitate trading on Orca through a website or app integration. For more information about this track and all the many others, visit https://www.sandstormhackathon.com for details. 🐋

Another is the recent uptick in usage of Orca’s Community Listings, which allows anyone in the ecosystem to deploy a Whirlpool of their desired pair and fee rate! Over the past 2 weeks, the community has deployed 53 (!) Whirlpools paired with BONK. If you’re looking for a new pair or token, give it a try!


Disclaimer: The content of this communication is not financial advice and should not be relied on by any persons as financial advice. This communication has not been provided in consideration of any recipient’s financial needs. We have not conducted any financial assessment based on the personal circumstances of any recipients. Before using the protocol, carefully review all relevant documentation and consider risks including total loss of funds.




The official account of Orca: The most user-friendly AMM on Solana 🐳 https://orca.so

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