Orca Treasury Report #4

Exploring the latest developments in Orca’s Token Treasury, Fee Treasury, and Orca Climate Fund!

3 min readOct 26, 2023

Despite the volatility in the crypto industry over the last six months, Orca’s treasury continues to remain in a strong position. Orca is excited to share the latest figures and notable developments in this report!

Token Treasury


  • Token allocation within the treasury remains the same, with no significant changes since the last treasury report.
  • The Token Treasury continues to support Orca rewards, which have seen a noticeable reduction and have averaged around 300 ORCA per week across various concentrated liquidity pools this year. Given the current emission rates, it is expected that the inflation rate of ORCA will significantly decrease, approaching approximately 0.05% for this year.

Fee Treasury

  • Wallet: Fee Wallet
  • Amount: $4,268,435.76, as of Oct 26, 2023


Climate Fund


  • The Orca Climate Fund Working Group (OCF) officially commenced its operations in June 2023 in accordance with the governance proposal passed by the Orca Governance Council.
  • With the goal of maximizing the climate impact from the fees accrued to the Climate Fund, the first community-led working group is now diligently working to identify promising climate tech projects and has already extended offers to two startups!
  • In addition to the successful launch of OCF, 2023 marks the one-year anniversary of the Climate Fund’s first donation to Ocean Conservancy. Biggest thanks to Orca’s users who have made this possible! A few highlights of the final report (full report) include:
    – Mobilized 469K volunteers in 2023 for International Coastal Cleanup (ICC), collecting >8 million pounds of trash (>15 million items) and covering 15,500 miles.
    – Played a key role in passing SB 54 (California Values Act) in California, expected to eliminate 23 million tons of plastics over the next decade.
    – Funded 21 projects in 2023 through the Trash Free Seas® Small Grants Program.
  • For more comprehensive information and updates regarding the Orca Climate Fund, please visit its website or follow its Twitter account.


In 2023, despite the challenges posed by a bear market, the Solana ecosystem has demonstrated resilience. Likewise, Orca continues its commitment to Solana’s vibrant ecosystem and users and, as a result, Orca has consistently been the #1 Solana DEX by trading volume for the past 18 months. On average, Orca processes as much trade volume as all other Solana DEXes combined and routinely represents >70% of all LP fees throughout Solana DeFi.

To further provide the best DeFi experience to users, Orca is happy to showcase an upcoming product launch targeted at Liquidity Providers (LPs). The launch aims to further enhance the overall user experience of LPs.

In addition, the Orca Climate Fund, with its remarkable progress and strong emphasis on environmental responsibility, serves as a testament to Orca’s commitment to making a positive global impact. All of this has been made possible through the support of Orca’s dedicated user community, where each trade contributes to fighting against climate change.

As Solana Breakpoint 2023 approaches, Orca eagerly anticipates the opportunity to engage with the vibrant community and continue growing within the dynamic Solana ecosystem.

Until Treasury Report #5!

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