Orca has integrated with Stripe for fiat-onramps!

Fiat-to-crypto purchases are now available through Orca’s UI



Fiat purchases of crypto are now possible through!

A fiat-to-crypto onramp has now been built seamlessly inside the Orca UI through an integration with Link, built by Stripe. New podmates can now convert fiat currency to crypto with ease while exploring the Orca ecosystem, without the need to buy crypto on other exchanges first.

To get started, just connect your wallet on, open the token tab on the left and click the dollar sign:

Please note that at launch, this feature is currently available only to US users.

This will then direct you to Stripe’s simple order flow, allowing you to purchase SPL tokens including USDC and SOL with fiat currency. The tokens purchased will then be transferred back to your wallet, where they will appear in the token panel!

Note that Orca will not be involved in the handling of fiat funds or bank data in this process — the purchase flow will be conducted entirely through Link, by Stripe.

Stripe has integrated with a number of Web3 projects, but Orca marks the first AMM it has integrated with on any blockchain!

Part of Orca’s mission is enabling broader economic access. And for new podmates wading into the seas of DeFi, getting started has never been easier! 🐳

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