With just a few days until launch, here’s all you need to know to claim an Orcanaut NFT!

As the tide of DeFi rises, a pod of playful creatures come swimming to the surface. The Orcanauts are nearly here — and ready for a new adventure…

At long last, it’s…

Delectable details on our upcoming NFT launch!

As the Orcanauts swim closer to their launch date (less than a week away now!), it’s time to reveal more about our vision for the project and how to mint one.

For those new to our pod, Orcanauts are a collection of NFTs created for our loyal community here at…

Our new NFT project combines art, DeFi, financial literacy, and fun! 🐳

As the Orca ecosystem has grown, new creatures have been sighted emerging from deep within. 10,000 unique Orcanauts are now roaming free!

Just like our podmates, each one of these little explorers is unique… and it’s looking for a forever friend with whom to navigate the deep sea of DeFi.

Meet the creator behind our upcoming NFT release!

As the release of 10,000 Orcanaut NFTs into the wild draws closer, we thought it was high tide to introduce you to the creator who brought these adorable critters to life: the talented Cori Huang.

Cori has brought a vast wealth of experience to this project as a professional illustrator…

How we’ll sail towards a brighter future for your favorite AMM

Earlier this week, we published our long-awaited Winter Roadmap, which gave you a peek into our recent developments across Product, Integrations, and Community. Today, we’d like to share one more update: How the Orca Treasury fits into our plan…


The official account of Orca: The DEX for people, not programs. 👋 https://orca.so

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